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How to handle pets and handmade rugs? 3

Area rugs of intrinsic value such as oriental and other handmade rugs (usually made of wool or silk), can be successfully deodorized, cleaned, and repaired by a professional such as Oriental Rug Palace (ORP). 

Urine stains can be caused by pigments in the urine that can destabilize dyes thereby causing the dye fade. Any urine that is allowed to accumulate for a longer time can cause a condition known as dry rot (discoloration). This makes it harder to clean or remove the spots effectively. It is highly recommended to act immediately and blot the stained area with cold water and an absorbent cloth.

It is highly recommended to avoid the following types of area rugs if you have pets at home:

  1. Tufted Rugs: Tufted rugs are the ones which are glued on the back and it is highly essential to avoid them under all circumstances. In these type of rugs, the pile is generally tufted by hand or a machine onto a foundation. The adhesive material (glue) is then used to hold a backing material to the foundation of the rug. Urine and other liquids can go through to the glue that holds the backing onto the rug and cannot be removed effectively by any method.
  2. Viscose Rugs: Viscose (artificial silk, rayon) area rugs are to be avoided since viscose is a man-made fiber constructed to appear like silk. These rugs are neither durable nor easily cleanable thereby making it a bad choice for home with pets.

Here are few quick tips that can help you minimize the extent of damages:

  • Always blot up liquid spills as soon as possible.
  • Avoid chemical cleaning compounds as these can be coarse on the surface of the pile and cause the rug to lose its color.
  • Never scrub the rug as this can destroy its sheen.
  • Avoid keeping the food or drinks nearby the Rug and place an easily cleanable mat under the food and water utensils.
  • Place walk-off mats at the entrance and exit of the doors that your pets often use.


Do you have a flower pot sitting on your Rug?

If your answer is YES, then it is definitely a major concern that requires your instant attention!

Placing flower pots on your rug and watering it daily can deteriorate it to a greater extent.

Alas..!! Isn’t it devastating to see your expensive rug like this just because of placing a flower pot on it?! Don’t worry! We can fix it!!

Handmade rugs are very beautiful and they involve a lot of manual effort as they would be crafted with perfection which makes them look sophisticated and luxurious. There are numerous types of fabric used in this process.

Placing the flower pot on any handmade rug and watering them on a regular basis makes the rug soggy and that eventually rots it. The above picture illustrates the damage caused due to a flower pot. The fibres are undoubtedly durable but they cannot withstand these kind of extremities. 

The Oriental Rug Palace (ORP) has been doing a pioneering restoration for these damages since 30 years.

Here’s how the mystical restoration is done at the ORP!

Step 1: The damaged part is removed in the squared pattern.

Step 2: This void is then filled with the fabric material which is exactly identical to that of the Rug. It is sewed by hand.

Step 3: The design on the pattern is drawn by hand.

Step 4: This pattern in the void is later dyed with the color ensuring that it is in close contrast to that of the rug.

If you compare the damaged picture with that of the last stage’s picture, the result is incredibly stunning!

Thus, getting the rug repaired at the ORP is a sheer delight. They can fix every flaw irrespective of the severity of the damage!